Animals. They are to be adopted in the SPA de Polignac

Many rabbits have been rescued by the Grail Association, which works for laboratory animals and enables them to escape a sad fate. So far fifteen white rabbits have arrived in Polignac, only five have found a home. They are easy to use and very beautiful.


Spartack is an abandoned Labrador cross in the shelter. Since arriving, this Super Loulou has made great strides to become a Super Companion. Whoever takes him out of refuge must continue this work. But Spartack is ready to go out of their way to be the perfect pooch.


Kenji is a Beauceron Labrador cross that was abandoned at the shelter when she was only one year old. Now months and years have passed and yet this beautiful black pearl is still waiting for a home. He loves long walks, a sports champion would be nothing but luck for this dog.


Paco is a border crusader who was abandoned in the refuge. This Loulou is a ball of energy, playful, dynamic, he needs a master who knows how to channel this nice Loulou who, like every border, is full of liveliness and always at the request of his master.


Princess is a young Griffin Cross. Not even a year and yet already given up. Princess is cautious at first glance, but once you are confident, this Louloute is very playful and cozy. Apparently, Princess never knew the comforts of home, so you’ll have to be patient with her to teach her the insides.

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