Vita Fighters is committed to iOS (App Store Release)

You don’t have to search long for the graphic inspiration of Vita Fighters (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad), a fighting game that is also borrowed from the intuitive and direct gameplay of the cult Virtua Fighter. No swiping here (which prevents fingers from clogging the screen), no 1000 button virtual controller, just 4 buttons: light attack, double tap on light attack to get medium attack, strong attack and a button for Special attacks or directional attacks; And that’s it. Depending on the combat configuration, combinations of these buttons activate combos. This choice of simplicity results in extremely intuitive and “fluid” gameplay.

With its 15 fighters, 9 different arenas and its Titanic end boss, there is frankly a lot to do, but the developer is already working on an online multiplayer mode. And of course, MFi controllers or consoles are compatible.

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