United Kingdom: Apple closes its Apple stores after the containment

England and Scotland, like last year, have the right to a new full containment. This is forcing Apple to temporarily close its Apple stores in the UK.

Apple has a total of 38 Apple Stores across the UK. 20 stores had already closed on December 22nd and 25th. Now the remaining 18 are closing today as full containment will apply starting this Tuesday.

On its website, Apple says:

We are temporarily closed. Buy online with free contactless shipping and visit Apple Support for help on products and services. We look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible.

With more than 75,000 deaths, the UK is one of the regions in Europe hardest hit by Covid-19. The situation has even worsened in the past few weeks. This prompted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce a new full containment. It starts today and should end in mid-February. Of course, the situation can change by then. Everything will depend on managing the health crisis.

There is none of this in France … at least for now. We have already seen two locks (one in spring and one in fall) and the Apple stores have also closed. You had to place an order in the Apple Online Store.

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