Monica Lozano joins Apple’s board of directors

Apple announces that Monica Lozano has joined its board of directors. She is the President and CEO of the College Futures Foundation. Their job is to build higher education through partnerships with philanthropic organizations, governments, local authorities and local communities.

Monica Lozano joins Apple’s board of directors

Prior to joining the College Futures Foundation, Monica Lozano spent 30 years in the media as a writer and editor for La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States. She has helped shed light on issues ranging from child mortality to the AIDS epidemic. She then became CEO of La Opinión’s parent company, ImpreMedia. Monica Lozano continues to serve on the boards of Target and Bank of America and a member of Apple.

“Monica was a real leader and a pioneer in business, the media, and an expanding circle of philanthropic efforts to create a fairer future – in our schools and in everyone’s life,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer. “His values ​​and breadth of experience will help Apple grow, innovate, and be a driving force in the lives of our teams, customers, and communities.”

The main character said she has “always admired Apple’s commitment to the idea that, at best, technology should enable all people to improve their lives and build a better world.” “. Monica Lozano looks forward to working with Tim Cook and the rest of the Apple Board of Directors. She looks forward to helping the company” promote its values ​​and build on a rich and productive history. “

In its statement, Apple says that Monica Lozano had an indelible impact on businesses and communities in the US and around the world. In particular, she has won awards.

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