iPad Pro Mini LED: It would be close to the supply chain soon, according to sources

The iPad Pro Mini LED on the go! New sources, this time near Apple’s Asian supply chain, point to the imminent launch of the first iPad Pro with mini-LED display technology. For his part, Fan Chin-yung, president of screen manufacturer Epistar, confirms that the large-scale production of mini LED panels, which was originally planned for late 2020, will be postponed to the second or third quarter of 2021. However, the manager adds that the start of production in the first quarter will be enough to consolidate Epistar’s results.

DigiTimes increases its forecast for December 28th and estimates that the first copies will go on sale in the current quarter. The iPad Pro Mini LED would have a 12.9-inch panel and probably a slightly improved version of the A14 processor as well. Logically, the choice of the mini LED should allow autonomy, since the iPad Pro is already not a bad student in this area.

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