Apple wants wireless charging between iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch

What happens when your MacBook charges your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch? Or did your iPad charge your iPhone? Apple is thinking about it, as two patents show. All you have to do is place your device on top of another device to start wireless charging.

Apple filed both patents in March 2016, but they weren’t approved until today. The manufacturer is interested in a whole ecosystem for wireless charging and, more broadly, wireless charging.

Apple’s strategy seems to be to incorporate carefully positioned inductive charging coils on each device. For example, one patent explains how the coils could be placed on the front and back of an iPad, allowing it to be wirelessly charged on one side while the charge is transferred to another device on the iPad. Other side. The system is therefore largely interchangeable, with a large number of possible combinations and placements.

One picture goes on: A plugged-in MacBook that charges an iPad … that charges an iPhone … that charges an Apple Watch. In this example, Apple notes that only the MacBook needs to be plugged in for all devices to charge wirelessly.

When will we see such a wireless charging system between Apple products? Impossible to say at the moment. These are just patents, after all.

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