AirTags: first “official” animated 3D rendering?

Leaker John Prosser released the first 3D rendering of AirTags, Apple’s connected tracker, in September. In his last YouTube video, the leaker goes even further and shows a 3D animation of this rendering. This animation would be completely “official” and would correspond to what the user sees on their iPhone screen when pairing between the iPhone and the AirTags! Prosser states that he received this animation from a software developer at Apple. We can already bet Apple will do whatever it takes to find the author of the leak.

The “official” AirTags animation shows an accessory that is strictly identical to the September leak (above).

The AirTags visible in the animation are strictly identical to the previously published charts and the first 3D rendering, which is generally a good sign. The little accessory therefore seems to have benefited a priori from the same design care as other Apple products, but we didn’t expect less from the Cupertino company.

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