Kuo discusses AirTags and other Apple products for 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo publishes its roadmap for Apple products in 2021. The analyst, who has a good reputation, specifically mentions AirTags and a product with augmented reality.

AirTags have been rumored for a while. These object trackers first appeared in iOS 13 code in 2019. They allow you to find the location of an object using the Find application on iOS or macOS.

Kuo does not currently provide any information for the augmented reality product. Rumors have already sparked a networked glasses project for augmented reality and a helmet project for virtual reality.

Kuo is remembering the arrival of new AirPods, Mac Apple Silicon and the first products with a mini LED screen. This should primarily affect the iPad and Mac at first. Apple could then offer the technology on its iPhones. However, it is unlikely to be in 2021.

Kuo’s information here complements our long list released this morning of the expected Apple products in 2021. It should also be the 14.1- and 16.1-inch MacBook Pro. See this specific article for details.

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