Apple is promoting the integration of Apple Music into Fitness +

Apple is currently promoting the integration of Apple Music into its Fitness + service. There is a separate category within the music app on iOS. At least in countries where Apple Fitness + is available.

The integration of Apple Music in Apple Fitness + takes place in the form of several playlists. Apple talks about “Studio Series Playlists,” indicating that the playlists were created by the Apple Music team and Apple Fitness + trainers.

Apple gives the following description:

The Apple Fitness + team brings together some of the best coaches in the world to train with rewarding workouts for every fitness or skill level. So you know a thing or two about motivation and the role music can play. To accompany your next workout, the coaching team worked with the Apple Music team to create the Studio Series playlists, with each track set being calibrated and designed to energize and help you. to finish the last leg, run the last mile, or hold the last pose. Pick your workout, start reading, and get ready to crush it.

There are Studio Series playlists dedicated to specific types of exercise, such as: B. Biking, treadmill, rowing and more. Apple also offers playlists for specific genres.

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