Apple will not ultimately remove amphetamine from the Mac App Store

Apple threatened developer William Gustafson to remove its Amphetamine app from the Mac App Store, but it will eventually stop. Apple first mentioned a failure to follow the rules of the Mac App Store.

Amphetamine was launched on the Mac App Store in 2014 and has 432,800 downloads. This allows you to keep your Mac awake for a custom time. Over the years everything was fine when Apple suddenly realized there was a problem with the app.

The developer initially stated that Apple had informed him of the withdrawal of amphetamine from the Mac App Store for January 12, 2021. The problem? Its application icon. “Your app appears to encourage inappropriate use of controlled substances. In particular, the name and icon of your app contain references to controlled substances and pills, ”Apple told the developer.

The developer therefore spoke to Apple on the subject. He initially stated that its use does not encourage the use of illicit drugs as amphetamine is a licensed and prescription drug in the US. He then said that its use does not encourage amphetamine use.

Upon arrival, an Apple representative called the developer directly to inform them that Amphetamine would remain in the Mac App Store. This story is definitely funny knowing that Apple advertised the application on the Mac App Store some time ago (see here).

I just made a call to @Apple. Appeal accepted and Amphetamine will remain in the @AppStore. Thank you for your comments, opinions and actions. We may not all agree, but I’m glad we all still have the freedom to express ourselves today. ❤️

– William C. Gustafson (@ x74353) January 2, 2021

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