WhatsApp no ​​longer works on old smartphones

WhatsApp has stopped working on older smartphones since January 1, 2021. Application requirements change every year, which means that support for multiple phones is ending.

There is the case of iOS and the case of Android. For the Apple operating system, WhatsApp requires at least iOS 9. This means that you must have at least an iPhone 4s. People with an iPhone 4 or older will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on January 1, 2021.

WhatsApp takes this opportunity to remind you that jailbroken iPhone is not supported. Messaging works on it, but WhatsApp doesn’t provide any support for users. “We cannot offer support to users with changed versions of the iPhone operating system,” says WhatsApp.

At least one smartphone running Android 4.0.3 is required for the Google operating system. It’s hard to say which models are compatible and which are incompatible as there are many smartphones from different manufacturers. However, WhatsApp offers at least a few examples:

LG Lucid Motorola DROID 4 Sony Xperia Pro HTC Sensation, HTC Thunderbolt (4G) Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy S3

In addition to iOS and Android, WhatsApp has stopped working on some smartphones with KaiOS since January 1, 2021. At least one model under KaiOS 2.5.1 is required to continue to benefit from the news.

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