Happy New Year 2021 everyone !!!

We’re not going to redo the film, but in short, the 1920s was a dog year for many. So let’s see 2021 with joy! For us technophiles or lovers of intelligent products, of course, not everything can be thrown away. With the introduction of the first Mac M1, Apple has once again become the maker setting the trend for the rest of the industry beyond a design effect or the beauty of a user interface. The iPhones are having more trouble making us dream, but they remain the cornerstone of the iOS ecosystem. The Apple Watch or the iPad are still the benchmarks in their device category.

Of course, all of this is good indeed, and we already know that Apple hasn’t really suffered from the huge health crisis that is currently rocking the world. But let’s remember: Apple’s interests are not those of its users, and in these uncertain times, it’s just as good to remember that an Apple Watch on your wrist or an overpowering Mac M1 won’t. are not firewalls against the fear of losing your job, the pain of not seeing your elders, or, more trivially, the fear of dying from an evil germ that spreads like a forest fire.

In this regard, the wish for a new and happy New Year has rarely been more sincere and more appropriate to the situation. The formula is not an immunity totem and we already know the improvements will be slow (especially in France … again) but the heart is there … full. So for everyone who is still afraid, for everyone who has lost a loved one, for everyone who was sick or lost their job, for the others who have also gone through the drops of grief or those who have not do not have anything to do with the whims of this world (or try to make them appear), the writing of iPhoneAddict wishes you a sincere Happy New Year 2021 !!!

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