Two foldable iPhone prototypes would pass Apple’s durability tests

Apple seems to be making good progress with its future smartphones. According to the Economic Daily News, two foldable iPhone prototypes have passed the manufacturer’s durability tests. The tests are said to have taken place at Foxconn’s plant in Shenzhen, China. As a reminder, Foxconn is the prime subcontractor assembling the iPhone.

The first foldable iPhone prototype would have two screens separated by a hinge. The idea may be reminiscent of Microsoft’s Surface Duo. But Apple’s prototype would give the impression that the two screens are one. Apple also received a patent earlier this year that is similar to the product mentioned here.

The second foldable iPhone prototype would be a clamshell format like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola RAZR. The screen could therefore bend on itself. This prototype would use a Samsung OLED display. This ties in with earlier rumors related to an order from Apple to Samsung for many foldable screens.

A priori, Apple would continue the development of one of the two foldable iPhones. However, it’s not clear what choice Apple is currently making.

You have to be patient before you see a possible foldable iPhone. There are no rumors of availability for 2021. It will be from 2022 at best.

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