The brave browser has been updated for Mac M1

The Brave browser has received an update to natively support Macs with the M1 chip. This improves performance rather than running the Intel version with Rosetta 2.

On the Brave website, the user can choose to download the Intel version or the version for Mac M1. This is exactly the same option as for Chrome. Google’s browser has been supporting new Macs for a few weeks.

If you have a MacBook Air M1, Mac mini M1, or MacBook Pro M1, you’ll need to select Apple Processor on the Brave website. If you have another Mac, you will need to select “Intel Processor”. Brave also shows what to do if you don’t know your Mac’s chip. The instructions are:

Open the Apple menu in the top left. Choose About This Mac. On the Summary tab, look for Processor. Check if your device has an Intel or Apple processor

Brave says it focuses on respecting user privacy by specifically blocking advertisements. But it also offers a system that displays its own ads to partially reward users and websites.

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