The 10 best iOS / iPadOS games of 2020

Despite an extraordinary context, the year 2020 was no exception to the rule: The production of high-quality mobile games has not weakened in the last 12 months, so that reaching these traditional top 10 at the end of the year was particularly difficult to establish.

This cursed year there was something for everyone, from platformer action (MO: Astray) to platformer shooter (Bloodstained) to card duels (Slay the Spire, Legends of Runettera) and RPG (Romancing Saga), Tactical (Space Marshal 3, XCOM 2), card game (Gloom, MeteorFall: Krumits Geschichte), multiplayer strategy game (EVE: Online), adventure game (The Pathless, Tales) of the Neon Sea), the open-world multi-RPG (Genshin Impact) , the AR game (HoloVista), the Farmer game (Forager), the FMV game (Death Come True), adaptations of great classics (KOTOR II, Company of Heroes, Castlevania), Soul’s Like (Pascal’s bet), puzzle game ( A Monster’s Expedition), Pick’n Play (Rest in Pieces, Super Fowlst 2), without forgetting a few unclassifiable ones (Heal, Lineweight).

Suffice it to say that given this multitude, the choice of the top 10 remains extremely subjective. These oratorical precautions make room for the best iOS / iPadOS games of 2020:

Game of the year (two games drawn):

Mo: Astray: Rayark’s action platformer has a blob that has the specialty of being able to stick to all surfaces and taking control of certain enemies. In this title everything is perfect, polished down to the smallest pixel, from the DA to the die for the animations, the lighting effects (fabulous for 2D), the inspired and inventive level design or even the soundtrack that will undoubtedly triumph ASMR lovers. The boss fights turn out to be epic, and to top it off, an inspired narrative will keep the player learning a little more and a little more about this strange lore. A pure masterpiece of pixel art.

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The Greater Good: This action RPG with stunning stylized graphics is the realization of one and the same person, Sam Enright. It is impossible not to draw the parallel to Another World (also developed by a single person, Eric Chahi), but the comparison ends with the prosecutor. This RPG adventure benefits from an incredibly coherent and detailed lore (to put it quickly, the machines rule the world and the magic is gone) and a keen sense of the element of surprise. It’s also impossible to ignore the soundtrack, which is undoubtedly one of the most successful of the year on mobile. As for turn-based combat, they are certainly some of the best in the genre (and it’s going to take a hell of a good skill against the sneakier bosses). A wonder that exudes a strong smell of video game nostalgia.

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Come next:

A Monster’s Expedition: This formidable puzzle game was developed by the creators of Cosmic Express, and A Good Snowman is difficult to build. This collaboration resulted in… the best Apple Arcade game of the year! You lead an adorable furry monster that has to go from island to island by (intelligently) pushing blocks or trees, all against the backdrop of the discovery of remnants of humanity (obviously we are no longer of this world). A very nice game that trains our neurons. What more can you ask for?

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Slay the Spire: Slay the Spire is a mixture of card game and roguelike and above all a model for balancing and turn-based combat mechanics. In all fairness, dynamic decks enable spectacular reversals of the situation (hundreds of cards are available). The graphics are sometimes very inspired (and sometimes … not at all) and stay so catchy that they add a bit of body to these clashes. The variety of enemies and their attacks complete this superb title which was very successful when it was released on Steam.

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GumSlinger: This little aperitif game hides many advantages. Aside from the 1-on-1 dueling aspect (online), GumSlinger is worth a lot for its perfectly balanced mix of gameplay based on reaction time (which will shoot first) and ragdoll physics that power duelists. Add a happy and straightforward battle royale side to these chaotic game modes, the stylish and adorable DA of Itatake (the characters look like gelatinous candy) and you have an extremely addicting gaming nugget.

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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: This Castlevania-like (also in the same lore) contains the same ingredients as the famous Konami title. 120 minions to fight, 107 weapons, 23 skills, the numbers make you dizzy. The perfectly rendered Gothic atmosphere and the intelligence in the game design of certain levels (like these inverted platforms) make this title a staple of the genre, both on mobile and consoles.

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SteamWorld Quest Hand of Gilgamesh: This turn-based role-playing game based on card games has eye-catching combat mechanics, all of which are of course enhanced by the aesthetic “paw” of SteamWorld. The characters, the sets, the animations in combat, the entire DA is to be welcomed here. This mix of fantasy and steampunk gives us an explosive cocktail here, to the point that we wouldn’t be against a sequel (or an expansion).

The Pathless: The creators of the poetic ABZÛ have finally delivered The Pathless, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Apple Arcade titles (until the marketing campaign around Apple’s service was overwritten). The game doesn’t disappoint: the archer (e?) And his falcon have made us one of the most gliding adventures of the year. The original movement system (we speed up by shooting arrows at targets) and the few other epic moments in the game (the bosses are great) confirm that Giant Squids has become a master at making games, both of which are beautiful. , smart and really accessible to everyone.

Moonlighter: This action RPG with pixel art graphics hides a story of unusual richness. There is actually so much to do in this game (other than battle Streums) that it almost feels like playing retro-style in an open world. The very pronounced rogue-lite aspect (many dungeons), the fine management of trade, craft and enchantments, as well as a powerful narrative arc make Moonlighter one of those fake “little games” that quickly reveal an unexpected size. And to top it off, the retro gaming charm of a DA full of little animation details. Outstanding!

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The last campfire: what a nice surprise! Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, also knows how to make adventure games that last! Supported by the creators of LostWinds (whose graphic note is clearly visible), the studio here offers an adventure puzzle game with excellent environments (although in low poly). Aside from the traditional puzzles (not too difficult), The Last Campfire allows itself some shifts towards more serious, even more dramatic topics (death, meaning of life, all that …). A job that is more important than it seems at first glance.

So much for these top 10 of 2020. We don’t forget to skip the countless excellent titles that weren’t mentioned in the introduction or in this ranking, like Grand Mountain Adventure, Dead by Daylight, Interrogation: Cheated, Almost Gone, Weeping Suns , far lonely sails, rules beyond, the survivors, the Ministry of Broadcasting, south of the district, Songbringer, Truberbrook, Felix the Reaper, SINoALICE, beyond a steel sky etc. And a Happy New Year to all of you !!!

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