iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Comparing Battery Life Using Dark Mode

A new video compares the battery life of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with light and dark mode. The first has an LCD screen and the second has an OLED screen. This helps because the pixels are turned off when the background is black.

The video shows the iPhone 12 with the light mode on the left, the iPhone 12 with the dark mode in the middle, and the iPhone 11 with the dark mode on the right. Several hour-long tests are run on each model to take stock of its autonomy. There’s a call, SMS, reading email, browsing the web, using Instagram, sleeping mode, playing YouTube videos, playing, assigning, using Spotify and Snapchat.

It was the iPhone 11 that first succumbed when Spotify was tested. The iPhone 12 has 4% battery in light mode and 13% for the model with dark mode. These percentages are displayed after 8 hours 47 minutes and after 16 hours of standby mode.

The OLED and dark mode of the iPhone 12 therefore offer better battery life. The remaining 13% gives you between 1h30 and 2 hours of additional autonomy, depending on usage.

The video ends with the iPhone 12 in light mode and a battery life of 4% and the iPhone 12 in dark mode and a battery life of 13%. IPhone 12 with dark mode had 9% left when iPhone 12 with light mode was turned off. This allowed him to take an additional 34 minutes.

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