Eventually, under the nose and beard of Apple, Wondery falls into the hands of Amazon

It’s an understatement to say that Wondery, a large podcasting network, has been in high demand by the high-tech giants for the past few weeks. Bloomberg announced in November that Apple had contacted those responsible for the startup about an acquisition. Sony Music would then have entered the negotiating dance again. In the end, Amazon wins the jackpot. Wondery asked for redemption between $ 300 and 400 million; With 300 million US dollars for the buyout, Amazon is therefore at the lower end of the range, a “low” that the other competitors probably already considered too high for the buyout.

Amazon also states that Wondery will add to Amazon Music’s offering as its music streaming service still lags behind giants Spotify and Apple Music. After all, nothing should change for current users of the service, so they haven’t been forgotten in the equation.

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