App Store: Apple is withdrawing 46,000 apps, including 39,000 games in China

Apple is cleaning up the App Store in China again, removing 49,000 apps, including 39,000 games. Assassin’s Creed: Identity and NBA 2K20 are among the games that have disappeared, according to the Qimai company quoted by Reuters.

Apple’s withdrawal of 39,000 games from the Chinese App Store is the largest in 24 hours. It must be said that until today Apple has had to follow the instructions of the Chinese government regarding mobile applications. Last week we learned that Apple deleted more than 94,000 games over the course of 2020. We are well over 130,000 if we add today’s data.

Apple is removing games and apps from the App Store in China in accordance with local laws. China demands that developers get the green light for this. It turns out that very few of them actually have the green light. China therefore asked Apple to clean up its app store to comply with legal requirements.

Apple initially set June as the deadline for developers to share their China-provided license. Apple then announced that the deadline would be December 31st. All the developers who didn’t offer the deal saw their apps disappear from the Chinese app store today.

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