The Mario Kart Tour is already celebrating the New Year with the New Year’s Tour 2021

The Mario Kart Tour (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad) is a hit on the phone, a success largely due to the constant surveillance by Nintendo. Direct events, seasons (tour), new drivers and karts, the appearance of multiplayer, the improvement of gameplay (it had to be), Mario Kart Tour has evolved a lot and is now a free monster on mobile.

Mario Kart Tour flips through 2020.

The New Years Tour 2021 (which follows the Rosalina Tour) has already started, as if Nintendo are in a hurry to turn the page in 2020. New drivers (Lakitu, Pauline) on gold (!) And new routes (new route for the Rainbow Road?) Appear on the program of the celebrations. It all sounds pretty fun, but of course you can make the most of it in multiplayer. The New Year’s Tour 2021 ends on January 12th and 13th, depending on the geographic area.

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