Justice: Correllium could still violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Correllium scored a huge win against Apple and can continue to offer its iOS virtualization tool. However, if we read the verdict a little more closely, we can understand that it’s not all over for the start. As surprising as it may seem, the judgment was not passed on the substance of the alleged infringement of Apple’s intellectual property.

During the trial, Apple’s lawyers pointed out many obvious copying elements without being disputed by the judge: “Corellium’s behavior is clearly against Apple’s copyright law. This is not a case where it is doubtful or uncertain whether the defendant reproduced the rights owner’s works or, more subtly, whether certain parts of the defendant’s acquired works are out of date. Account protected by federal copyright. Instead, Corellium just copied everything: the code, the graphical user interface, the icons – all with precision. “

Despite this virulent (and well-founded) attack, the judge preferred to consider the general interest: “There is evidence that Corellium’s position is intended for security research and, as Apple admits, can be used for security research. In addition, if Apple had successfully acquired the company, Apple would have used the product for internal testing. “But that’s not all, because during his final presentation, the judge made it clear that Correllium may be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and that the positive verdict will not end this aspect of the case. The rest of the call?

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