iPhone: Pro models could have a 120 Hz display from next year

120Hz was already one of the lingering rumors about the iPhone 12 Pro, but Apple eventually favored battery life without even offering 120Hz as an option (although this is now common with Android HDGs). If we are to believe the ETNews site and new sources close to the supply chain, Apple will catch up with the iPhone Pro next year, which this time actually comes with 120Hz panels.

We would therefore be entitled to an iPhone 13 mini 5.4 inches and an iPhone 13 6.1 inches, which are equipped with an LTPS screen at 60 Hz, while the two iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max from LPTO 6.1 panels and 6.7 inches with a refresh rate of 120 Hz would benefit. The panels of the Pro models can therefore restore the ProMotion label of the iPad Pro. Choosing LPTO technology would not lose too much autonomy. Eventually, ETNews determines, and it’s no surprise, that Samsung and LG will be providing the OLED panels for the next iPhone 13 Pro.

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