iOS 14.3: Stock exchange loses shares (shortcuts)

Does the title of this article sound strange and irrelevant to you? No! A certain @ Tib0d informs us on his Twitter account that the Shortcuts app has been shortened under iOS 14.3 by two actions in connection with the Stocks app (here … for the ugly pun). It is therefore no longer possible to directly view the stock price or to get the details of the stock, actions that are actually available on iOS 14.2. All that remains is the “Show symbol price” action.

As is so often the case, Apple has not provided an explanation for these withdrawals, but our colleague iGen suspects that there could be a rights issue as the data on the stock market app is provided by Yahoo Finance. Given the highly questionable quality of the exchange app, many will no doubt say that these withdrawals are not a huge loss in themselves, but still …

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