Apple withdraws app that encourages parties amid Covid-19

Apple has removed from the App Store Vybe Together, an application that invites parties amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially evenings were planned for New Year’s Eve.

Vybe Together met through videos on TikTok. The social network closed the account and removed the videos. The app encourages people to be together in one place. In this situation, social distances are anything but respected.

They are just about to promote NYE tantrums in nyc

– Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) December 29, 2020

Following TikTok, Apple took action by removing Vybe Together. The app’s developers have confirmed that the payout came from Apple and not from them. They added that the app has a few thousand users so far. Others have made a request to use it.

What about Covid-19 and the holidays? In a frequently asked question (which has since been deleted), the creators of the application say that the health crisis “is a major health problem in our country”. They state that organizing parties with many people is “very dangerous”. That is why they invite “small gatherings”.

Apple has not specifically commented on the removal of Vybe Together from the App Store.

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