Apple wants a keyboard with screens on each key

Apple has received a new patent for a keyboard with small screens on each key. There are several ways to do this, depending on how it is currently used by the owner of the Mac.

The patent explains how each key on a keyboard could have a small screen connected to a control circuit through a “coherent bundle of fibers”. Apple suggests that each key be formed from a layer of optical fiber with opposing first and second surfaces. The technology used for small screens would be OLED. With regard to materials, the patent mentions glass, ceramic, metal, polymer, or crystalline materials (such as sapphire).

Personalization for the keyboard with screens on each key

An interesting fact is that the tiny screens of each key could be reconfigured. For example, the keys may change depending on the user’s keyboard (AZERTY, QWERTY, etc.). Changes can also be made while playing to show the keys actually used. In addition, Apple wants to provide visual feedback. For example, the user can quickly see the letters in lowercase or uppercase without checking to see if Caps Lock is on.

If we lean on the Apple patent, the novelty could be in both an external keyboard and a keyboard for MacBooks. In this regard, Apple should be able to keep its butterfly keyboard system on portable Macs despite the new technology.

That small screen patent on the keyboard keys doesn’t necessarily mean Apple will use it in its products. After all, Apple regularly receives patents. It is true, however, that the manufacturer has already tested the water more or less with the Touch Bar on MacBook Pros. It remains to be seen whether such a system would significantly increase the price of laptops.

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