Apple and Prepear are negotiating a complaint about the pear logo

Apple and Prepear are negotiating the pear-shaped logo. In August, Apple attacked the Canadian company and rejected its trademark registration. The manufacturer believed that the pear logo was similar to its logo. The case continues today.

Apple and Prepear have filed a document announcing that they are actively discussing. Both groups are demanding that the process be suspended for 30 days. However, both can end the break at any time. In either case, the process will automatically restart on January 23rd … unless the two parties reach an agreement.

For Apple, Prepear’s pear-shaped logo consists of “a minimalist fruit design with a leaf at a right angle”. The manufacturer says the pear “is slightly reminiscent of the famous Apple logo and makes a similar business impression”. Prepear had started a petition asking internet users for help. More than 250,000 signatures are listed to date.

A test will take place in 2021 if no agreement is reached between Apple and Prepear. The first elements of the investigation will begin in March. A request for a hearing will only be made in December.

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