3D print your own MagSafe Duo

Apple’s MagSafe Duo is expensive: 149 euros. This charger, which can be used to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, has been available for a few weeks. However, for small budgets it is possible to 3D print your own MagSafe Duo.

The file for 3D printing a MagSafe Duo is available at this address. There is a white model and a black model. Both are provided with the Apple logo. This is more noticeable when the print is made with the black model.

It’s just the holder with two holes. The large one has space for the MagSafe charger for 39 euros and the small one for the charging cable for the Apple Watch. This 3D model makes it possible to have an Apple charger equivalent for a lot less.

Of course, Apple’s solution is better in terms of both aesthetics and cable. With the 3D printed MagSafe Duo, there is only one versus two. But it is certain that Apple’s model is very expensive. The price is more interesting with 3D printing and that argument can be enough for many people.

The main thing is a 3D printer. Not everyone is equipped, that’s for sure. However, if you know someone close to you with a printer like this and want a MagSafe Duo equivalent, go for it.

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