SFR RED increases the price of packages for subscribers

SFR RED has decided to increase the price of its mobile and fixed plans for Christmas. Existing customers have not requested anything and must undergo the increase. Especially since it is mandatory.

For mobile tariffs, SFR RED has decided to increase the tariff by 30 GB. Previously it cost 10 € / month. If you have it, you can switch to a 50 GB offer for € 13 / month. There is also the case of people who took advantage of a promotion where the package was € 5 / month. You will upgrade to a 40 GB package in January 2021 for € 8 / month. And they have no choice: the increase is imposed.

At @REDbySFR “Our prices are for life. You pay the same price after a year or ten.” buzz? 🧐🙄

– Pigeon Telecom (@pigeon_telecom) December 25, 2020

There is also a price increase among SFR RED regular customers. Customers have received an email or letter informing them of a monthly price increase of € 3. In return, the access provider promises you better internet speeds (1 Gbit / s for downloading and 500 Mbit / s for sending). “Your new offer is still one of the most attractive on the market”, defends SFR. In contrast to the mobile offer, however, it is possible to decline the increase. You need to go to this address to make the request.

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