PAC-MAN Party Royale (Apple Arcade): Up to 4 players on site and a winter theme (update)

The very funny PAC-MAN Party Royale (Apple Arcade) was previously lacking a game mode that was still essential for this type of title: “local” multiplayer game. The latest 2.0 update corrects this strange absence. From now on, up to 4 players can compete against each other in the same room and in the same game (e.g. in front of the television connected to Apple TV). PAC-MAN Party Royale is compatible with Xbox One and PS4 controllers, so the living room quickly looks like a mini-arcade!

The super fun Pac Man Party Royale can now be played locally at 4pm

Another surprise from Chef Namco, the arrival of a new winter theme. It’s snowing heavily on the labyrinths! To complete this list of gifts, it is (finally) possible to select your language (including French) in the game settings. Everything comes at the right time, who knows how to wait …

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