LG introduces its QNED TVs: Mini LED and 8K for 2021

LG has unveiled its new TV line for 2021, which will be QNED, not OLED. The QNED is none other than the mini-LED from the Korean manufacturer. The tiles have almost 30,000 small LEDs.

LG’s QNED TVs will be available in various sizes up to 86 inches. There will be 10 models that offer 4K or 8K definition depending on the case. The use of mini LED technology offers better light control and contrast than the current televisions. LG adds that its new line of products will continue to be based on quantum dots and nanocell alongside the mini LED.

The manufacturer assures that its QNED televisions “offer a really impressive viewing experience in the LCD field”. There are “incredibly precise colors (…), better contrast and deeper black tones”.

The refresh rate is up to 120 Hz. LG also states that the observation rate in combination with almost 2,500 dimming zones and extended local dimming is 1,000,000: 1. At least that’s the case with the 86-inch model, namely the largest.

LG will release more details on its QNED TVs in January during CES 2021, which will be virtual. This will be the opportunity to know all the features, release date and prices.

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