Learn How to Quickly Build Christmas and Android Apps with Flutter (Christmas Promotion)

Did you get a nice warm computer under the tree? What if you got into programming (anticipating the next limitation)? Ok, it’s a little difficult to get started, or more likely to think so, because it’s generally the first step that costs (or which is a little scary). Don’t panic: Since we are – really – nice, we will meet you at the new courses from Maxime Britto (major specialist in programming on iOS), which this time deal with the development under Flutter, a tool set up by Google.

Don’t assume that these courses are all about teaching you the basics (although they’re primarily intended for those new to coding). If you want, you can actually become a “programmer”, nothing less! The flutter training consists of three main courses:

Learn to program (in darts) Learn object-oriented programming (in darts) Create mobile apps with Flutter

At the end of these three courses (all in French, of course) you can theoretically create complete and functional apps that you can then send to the App Store or the Google Play Store. In addition, Flutter can generate Windows and macOS websites and apps from the same code! Want to set up an account management app, website, or something so original that the jackpot is at the end of your dreams? Just start!

Do you like it So it will be necessary to act quickly as registrations will be open until December 31st (the counter goes a little beyond the website). The prices are € 99 for unrestricted access to the course and € 390 for unrestricted access to the course + 2 individual coaching sessions. Let’s be clear that Maxime’s offering at the current price for private programming training is a very, very good deal!

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