iPhone 12 / Pro: Cellular Connectivity Concerns?

Antennagate, the return? We are definitely not there, but it is clear that several iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro users are complaining of cellular connection loss. Our colleague iGen reports on open forums on the subject on Reddit or even Apple and notes that several readers reported this type of problem to him (however, the vast majority of returns would be more likely to be in the US). In the worst case, the connection seems to be permanently interrupted, but most of the time the problem occurs erratically (signal picked up, then lost, then picked up again, etc.).

A simple reboot of the iPhone is sometimes enough to restore the cellular connection. However, this solution is short-lived in most cases, which could detract from the explanatory balance towards a real hardware problem (many antennas broken?). Note that all operators are likely to be affected. iGen eventually notices that the error occurred after the last update for 5G activation, but it can only be a coincidence. And, dear reader, no connection problems on your iPhone 12/12 Pro?

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