Free iPhone 8: Delivery delays on Free Mobile

Free Mobile recently launched a private sale with an iPhone 8 that comes with every subscription to their package. It was a refurbished iPhone 8. It was also possible to choose an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. Unsurprisingly, however, the latest model was successful.

The iPhone 8 should be delivered within 72 hours. However, customers who took advantage of the offer have not yet received anything. It’s been 15 days and there is no news. As a result, some have turned to the operator’s customer service to find out more about the situation. Unfortunately there are currently no specific details. Free gives rise to various reasons that do not allow us to know where the problem originated from.

According to Univers Freebox, this delivery problem with the iPhone 8 is a first for a private sale by Free Mobile. The operator usually takes the necessary measures to ensure delivery within 72 hours. Perhaps the demand was greater than the supply.

It’s important to state that the delivery delays actually affect the iPhone 8, which is being offered with Free Mobile’s private sale on Veepee. There is no particular problem with ordering an iPhone from the Free Mobile website.

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