Apple Glass: Apple is (still) considering an eye correction system

Apple’s AR glasses are becoming more and more akin to some sort of mixed reality headset if we stick to recently published patents. It must be said that Apple wants to shield its accessories with innovative technologies and that this requires a certain thickness of the case! Several patents have already been registered for an integrated eye correction system. The latest, however, is all the more interesting because it describes “credible” technologies that could make a real technological difference to the competition.

For example, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published an Apple patent application relating to a visual correction system that will be integrated into future Apple Glass. The patent mainly describes two correction methods. In the first method, corrective lenses are placed in a special magnetic module. In the second method, the user wears glasses with removable arms. The glasses without temples then fit more easily into the AR / VR headset, as their shape is designed to fit perfectly into the headset. So we would have real Apple prescription glasses for an Apple AR / VR headset …

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