macOS 11.1: Random reboots with the MacBook Air M1

Users with a MacBook Air M1 have complained of random reboots since switching to the macOS 11.1 update. This was already the case in the beta phase. It turns out that the bug is still relevant in the final version, which has been available since December 14th.

On the Reddit and MacRumors forums, users state that their MacBook Air M1 with macOS 11.1 can restart during the day for no apparent reason. The laptop screen will temporarily turn pink before restarting. Other users indicate that their session will be automatically disconnected, but the computer will not restart.

As mentioned, reboots of the MacBook Air M1 were already planned with the beta of macOS 11.1. The real problem is that this is still the case with the final version of the update.

Note that users with Mac mini M1 and MacBook Pro M1 will also have the problem. However, their share is quite small compared to users with a MacBook Air M1.

There is currently no solution. We just have to hope that Apple fixes the situation with macOS 11.2. A first beta of macOS 11.2 started on December 16.

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