Japan: Apple gift cards will be available on January 2-3, 2021

Apple has announced its shopping event in Japan to celebrate the transition to 2021. The Japanese are entitled to gift cards on January 2nd and 3rd when they purchase certain branded products. It’s similar to the shopping event that happened on Black Friday in November. However, this year it did not take place in France.

In a sponsored tweet, Apple announced that gift cards in Japan will be valued at up to 18,000 yen. That is 142 euros after conversion. Apple doesn’t say which products you can get such gift cards with yet.

1 月 2 日 と 3 日 は Apple の 初 売 り。 対 象 製 子 を 買 う と, 000 18,000 Store Store Apple Store ギ フ ト カ ー ド が も ら え ま す。

– Apple (@Apple) December 28, 2020

If previous years show it, Apple’s new products are ineligible. Therefore, you shouldn’t have Apple gift cards when purchasing an iPhone 12. The same should apply to Apple Watch Series 4 and newer versions, Mac M1 and HomePod mini. On the other hand, the iPhone 11 should be eligible for the offer. Products released in 2019 and earlier should also make it possible to take advantage of the offer.

This morning Apple posted a video on its Japanese YouTube channel. The App Store was highlighted for the transition to 2021.

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