Caviar presents golden AirPods Max for 97,500 euros

Caviar presents a special edition of the AirPods Max in gold. The price is 97,500 euros. For comparison: Apple sells the AirPods Max for 629 euros in the online Apple Store.

“We present the new and luxurious AirPods Max, a completely new perspective on the headset of the caviar jewelers,” says the Russian company. It is known for offering luxury versions of products, especially Apple products. “They are made of rare black crocodile leather and pure 750 gold. The AirPods Max combine the highest sound quality and the perfect harmony of luxury and classic style,” says the description.

At Caviar there is a black and a white version of the AirPods Max in gold. The price is 97,500 euros in both cases. Best of all, Caviar only produces one copy at a time. Suffice it to say that the buyer has the right to a unique model from Unique.

If you’ve got close to $ 100,000 and don’t know what to do with it, this AirPods Max Special Edition is the place to go. The group offers a one year guarantee. There is also free delivery. Still glad given the price that was said. The return is also free of charge if required.

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