Apple Music is approaching Tesla

Apple Music really seems to be preparing for the Tesla. The latest software update (2020.48.26) for the manufacturer’s vehicles includes mentions of three new services. There’s Amazon Music, Tidal, and Apple Music.

@greentheonly managed to force Apple Music to show up on a Tesla. Unfortunately nothing works so far. A message indicates that the car cannot connect to the streaming service. The same goes for Tidal and Amazon Music, however. Tesla is still preparing support and not everything is ready yet.

According to @greentheonly, Tesla has been preparing support for Apple Music for some time. He doesn’t know when the feature will be activated for everyone.

You’ve been working on it for a while
It’s a bit of a stub now, so who knows when it will actually come, the tides are the closest I think because they actually started populating things.

– green (@greentheonly) December 27, 2020

When Elon Musk spoke about Tesla, he recently announced that he would like to sell his business to Apple. But according to him, Tim Cook turned down the appointment to discuss such a sale. Apple could have bought Tesla for around $ 60 billion. The automaker is worth ten times as much today.

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