2018 LG TVs now support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

LG has started rolling out the update that will support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit on its TVs for 2018. The manufacturer had promised availability by the end of the year. The promise was therefore kept.

As always with the updates, the deployment should take place gradually. LG is now offering AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support for its 2018 TVs for some users. At the moment, however, not everyone is entitled to the update. We must therefore be patient. Depending on the region, it can take a few weeks.

AirPlay 2 lets users stream videos, music, podcasts, and more directly from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to a TV without the need for an Apple TV. With HomeKit support, users can easily control the volume, source, and more of the TV using Siri or the Home app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In addition to LG’s 2018 TVs, the brand is already offering AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support for its 2019 and newer models. LG joins Samsung, Roku, and other groups. At LG, too, customers were entitled to the Apple TV app this summer.

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