App Store: Apple cuts commission for some developers to 15%

Apple has started reducing its commission to 15% instead of 30% on the App Store. The change was originally supposed to take place on January 1, 2021. Still, some developers are already seeing the decline.

David Hodge, who develops the Nikola app, shares a screenshot from iTunes Connect. He says Apple now pays him $ 8.50 for every $ 9.99 purchase, up from $ 7 previously. We are now talking about 15% commission.

The evidence in @ Nikola_App data as shown on my @ ChartMogul dashboard. $ 9.99 / month users are now offering $ 8.50 / month revenue (starting at $ 7 / month)

– David Hodge Coding (@HodgeCoding) December 24, 2020

It is similar with Jacob Gorban, developer of the ImageFramer application on the Mac. He shares a screenshot where we can see that the commission has increased to 15%.

The reduced fee for the Small Business App Store now appears to be in effect. This is for our Mac app ImageFramer. Time in UTC. 42.5 / 50 = 0.85. @mjtsai @OliverJHaslam @ 9to5mac @MacObserver

– Jacob Gorban (@jacobgorban) December 24, 2020

All developers can join Apple’s Small Business Program and see the commission drop to 15%. The prerequisite is that annual sales do not exceed $ 1 million. If so, the developer has a commission of 30%.

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