TRON: Legacy – The Complete Edition is available for Apple Music and Spotify

The impressive soundtrack of TRON: Legacy, arguably the best element of the film, is entitled to a Complete Edition, which is only available exclusively on two platforms: Apple Music and Spotify. The choice of these two platforms confirms the now indispensable place for Apple Music, which is the second most popular music platform after Spotify.

The French group Daft Punk has released this special edition to properly celebrate the 10 years of TRON: Legacy (already 10 years!). Recall here that the two members of the group appear in the movie (they play the Castor / Zuse’s bar’s DJs). 9 more tracks (and what tracks!) Have been added to this absolutely epic soundtrack:

“Sea of ​​Simulation” “ENCOM Part 2” “ENCOM Part 1” “Round One” “Castor” “Reflections” “Sunrise Prelude” “Father and Son” “Outlands, Part II”

If possible, listen to headphones or a good hi-fi system. Lovers of good big synth sounds might have the good idea to take turns with Carpenter Brut or the soundtrack from the Film Drive. After all, this is just humble advice …

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