QV – The Dimensional Painter: A Beautiful Adventure Puzzle Game (App Store Release)

It’s Thursday, App Store release day! On this holiday, Apple’s application store doesn’t have much to offer, except QV – The Dimensional Painter (App Store Link – 4.49 euros – iPhone / iPad), a game of isometric display-puzzle adventure that you can’t with its 172 levels will tire so quickly. The gameplay is essentially based on the principle of “push blocks”, as you know that the right combinations of blocks not only allow you to pass to the next level, but also open portals to gain access to new worlds.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

Note that some levels also contain enemies that are not too fierce (golem, etc.) and that little “bonus” fairies are hidden everywhere. The implementation in low poly does not break any stones, but remains quite correct for this type of game. You can only regret the heroine “Manga” and a bit bland. Therefore, while waiting for the protocol, it remains highly recommended.

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