iPhone 12 delivered without charger: Samsung withdraws its advertising through Apple

Samsung didn’t miss Apple when it launched the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, and has multiplied the peaks for iPhones that come without chargers or headsets. The manufacturer even posted an advertisement that ironically turned up when there was no charger in the box. Since then, something seems to have changed in Samsung’s communications. It has to be said that in the meantime, rumors are that the next Galaxy S21 series could ship without a charger, which means that it could take the South Korean less than 6 months to adapt to Apple!

To top it off, the advertisement that Samsung is ironically supplying a charger with its Galaxy has been removed from the manufacturer’s Facebook account. This takes a somewhat pathetic turn, and seems to suggest that the rumors about the S21 are likely (as is often the case) correct. The mockery could well change sides when the S21 launches, but luckily for Samsung, Apple in general doesn’t get a little easy on this type of communication …

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