iPhone 12: 4G is faster than 5G at Verizon

Tests show that the iPhone 12 at Verizon has better speeds in 4G than in 5G. This situation exists both in reality in France and in other countries. In France, the iPhone 12 has supported 5G for 10 days.

PCMag compared 4G and 5G speeds at Verizon to an iPhone 12 Pro. The test took place in eight different locations in New York City. In seven cases, 4G was faster than 5G. This is explained by Verizon’s choice to resume 4G frequencies to generate 5G. Some operators do the same in France. This is particularly the case with Free Mobile, which uses a maximum of 700 MHz for 5G. This frequency has already been used for 4G.

In Verizon’s case, the operator realizes that 5G on an iPhone 12 (or other phone) isn’t very attractive right now. “For most customers, the performance of our national 5G network will be similar to that of the 4G network,” he said. It is expected to offer better speeds by 2021 by changing the use of its antennas.

PCMag recommends that customers with an iPhone 12, 5G switch off. This is done via Settings> Cellular data> Options.

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