iOS 14: The opt out of tracking applications pop-up appears

The popup that asks iOS 14 users if they agree or disagree that an app tracked them down. Some people running iOS 14.3 and iOS 14.4 beta saw the message, MacRumors reports.

In this case, we will see the iOS 14 popup in the NBA application. “Do you allow NBA to track your activity through other companies’ apps and websites?” Your data is used to offer you a better personalized advertising experience, ”we can read. The user then has a choice. Either he chooses “Ask the app not to follow” or he chooses “Allow”.

As we can see, this is a request not to track users on iOS 14. The application must still respect the selection. But developers are better off. In fact, Apple has already announced plans to remove applications from the App Store that will continue to track users who have declined such an action.

Apple originally planned this anti-tracking feature for iOS 14 in September. However, the manufacturer has agreed to postpone it to 2021 in the face of criticism from certain groups and advertisers. He’s obviously just having a test with some users. The feature is officially planned for next year. It could be available to anyone with iOS 14.4.

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