Genshin Impact: The Dosdragon Mountains Map Expansion in Update 1.2 (Trailer)

Genshin Impact (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad) is a real mobile phenomenon and is entitled to its first card upgrade. Update 1.2 brings a whole new region, the Dosdragon Mountains. This mountainous and snow-covered area will force the characters to constantly look for sources of heat to avoid losing health from the freezing cold air. Vindagnyr’s Peak is the large dungeon in this play area and offers new challenges and possible artifact gains for the Icebreaker and Soul of the Deep sets.

There are also two new characters appearing. Albedo is both a Geo 5 ★ swordsman, chief alchemist and an investigator captain of the Order of Favonius (elemental skill “Genesis: Solar Aura” / elemental rush “Transformation: Geo Reflux”). In addition, Aldebo is the central character of the Chalk and Dragons event. The second character is Ganyu, an archer of the Cryo 5 ★ type, who has the elemental ability “Trace of Qilin” and the elemental rush “Heavenly Baptism”.

Of course, new big quests have been added (without the many quests and daily missions) and some characters have seen their stats a bit “nerfed”.

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