Apple on the way to buy MGM, who has the James Bonds?

MGM Holdings, the studio that owns the James Bond films, is up for sale and Apple could potentially buy them back. According to the Wall Street Journal, MGM has decided to initiate a sales process due to difficulties in recent years. The capitalization is $ 5.5 billion.

Apple and MGM already know each other. A year ago, the two groups discussed a possible agreement to enrich the Apple TV + catalog. The topic of discussion changed last January. The studio is in talks with Apple, Netflix and others about a possible acquisition. It did not work. Then there was the case of Die Can Wait, the new James Bond film starring Daniel Craig. Apple and Netflix have applied for exclusive broadcast rights. This goes back to October.

We are now at the gates of 2021 and MGM is starting its sales process. Apple may be a potential buyer of MGM in terms of its catalog. The studio’s largest license is none other than James Bond. If redeemed, the future James Bond could be available exclusively on Apple TV +. Suffice it to say that it could attract a lot of people to the streaming service. Apple could also release the films in some US theaters in the hope of an Oscar.

But we mustn’t get carried away too quickly, nothing is being done at the moment. Neither MGM nor Apple commented on this.

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