Apple Car: Apple focuses on the in-car experience

After the news of production in 2024, there is a lot of talk about the Apple Car right now. Today the investment bank Goldman Sachs released a note explaining the real interest. for the Apple car.

“We believe that having a car makes sense for Apple as the hardware platform that supports its services,” says Goldman Sachs. “But the poor profitability of the automotive business likely means that investors would see only a limited impact on the profits of such a decision.” the bank adds.

The Apple Car would primarily be a way for Apple to focus on the in-car experience, not the car itself. As the note states:

The main reason Apple and other tech companies want to get into this business is because of the considerable amount of time future consumers are likely to spend in self-driving cars using information services when they are on the move. Point A to point B.

For example, customers can watch a show on Apple TV + while their car is driving them to a location. And who says Apple TV + says subscription every month. We can also take the example of a game on Apple Arcade. This also requires a subscription. So Apple could make money from its car every month.

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