Volkswagen welcomes Apple Car as a competitor

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, responded to the rumor that the Apple Car will be announced for 2024. The managing director welcomes the competition in the automotive sector.

The CEO of Volkswagen commented on the Apple Car through a post on LinkedIn:

We look forward to new competitors who will certainly accelerate the change in our industry again and bring new skills. The incredible rating [des nouveaux concurrents] and their practically unlimited access to resources requires a great deal of respect. A real challenge: dimensions that are larger than those in our industry (e.g. Toyota Motor Corporation).

I’ve said it before: the most profitable company in the world will again be a mobility company. It could be Tesla, Apple or Volkswagen AG.

Herbert Diess from Volkswagen isn’t the only one commenting on the Apple Car. This morning, Elon Musk found the rumor from Apple “strange”. He also revealed that Tesla wanted to sell to Apple at some point. But Tim Cook, the head of Apple, declined the invitation.

The Reuters information for the Apple Car 2024 also includes a battery detail. It would have “innovative technology”. However, the managing director of Volkswagen did not comment on this detail.

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