iOS, iPadOS: Apple publishes videos on privacy settings

Apple never misses the opportunity to remind people how much iOS is a secure operating system for protecting user data. A video from Apple Support adds a layer to the topic and “roughly” returns the privacy settings of the iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch. The company Cupertino explains how these settings can be accessed (Settings -> Privacy) and thus defines the data with which the apps can (or not) be restored.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

It is therefore possible to select apps with geolocation enabled by default (when opening the app) to restrict access to speech recognition etc. The video also provides some general information about specific user interface elements, such as: B. the orange point above the network symbol, which indicates a possible use of the microphone (and thus the risk of recording calls) or the point green, which refers to the activation of the front camera.

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