Facebook employees criticize attack on Apple

Facebook has attacked Apple several times for anti-tracking with iOS 14. Two advertisements were placed in the American newspapers (here and there). However, the social network employees are not satisfied with this campaign.

BuzzFeed has received internal comments from Facebook employees regarding the attack on Apple. “It’s like trying to justify a bad deed by hiding behind people with a message of compassion,” said one engineer. The sympathy message in question is the Covid-19. According to Facebook, iOS 14 anti-tracking will hurt small businesses during the health crisis. Advertising will be less or not targeted, hence this position.

Misunderstandings among Facebook employees for the attack on Apple

Facebook employees also held a meeting to discuss the attack on Apple. Some asked questions during this meeting. One of them wondered if this small business protection argument could not be viewed as “Facebook is trying to protect its own business”. Another indication that people want privacy. However, Facebook offers anything but such respect.

Graham Mudd, vice president of product marketing for Facebook, responded. He makes sure the social network is “really clear” that moving to iOS 14 will hurt small businesses and their own platform.

We’re not trying to sweep it under the rug. We’re a big, profitable company, and we’re going to leave and customize our products and so on. But the real people that will be affected are the small businesses. And that’s why we made them the focus of the message.

Some employees are not convinced that the attack on Apple is going in the right direction. One employee stated that Facebook can’t be the only company tracking everyone without their consent. At the same time, employees denounce Facebook’s hypocrisy. The group says they support small businesses. At the same time, he mistakenly disabled the ad accounts of some of them. His solution to correcting the situation is not a dialogue, but an automated system. This has led small businesses to publicly complain.

Facebook’s answer to this case

A Facebook spokesman wanted to defend the company in its attack on Apple:

Since starting this effort, we’ve heard from small businesses around the world worried about how these changes could harm their businesses. As this is a critical time for SMEs, we will continue to share these stories with the public and our employees.

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